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New scanners to end liquids ban
Adam Blaxhall | April 16, 2012 | 1:12 pm | Airport | Only Pings

New government-approved airport scanners could see the ban on passengers taking liquids on board aeroplanes being lifted.

The Department of Transport has approved the scanners, which should be installed at every British and EU airport by the end of April 2013. Previous technology had been deemed not fit for purpose by a number of EU governments but this latest generation of scanner has already passed rigorous testing. A number of EU airports have acted as test sites as part of trials for the European Commission’s Liquids Working Group.

Proper implementation of the technology will mean that passengers will no longer be banned from carrying 100ml liquid containers on board their flights. However, they will still have to remove bottles from their carry-on luggage for inspection.

Once in use, the scanners mean that passengers will be allowed to bring their own water bottles on board and toiletries will no longer be subject to confiscation by airport security. Security staff at Stansted Airport alone seize enough liquids to fill 20 household waste bins a day and the figure is even greater at busier airports such as London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

Passengers across UK airports have had everything confiscated from jars of marmite to expensive bottles of champagne. A new survey estimates that liquids worth as much as £10 million a day are seized at British airports up and down the country.

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£143m liquids ‘binned at airport’
Adam Blaxhall | September 26, 2011 | 12:09 pm | Airport | No comments

Many air passengers are unaware of the rules against carrying liquids in hand luggage, a survey suggests.

Research indicates that travellers throw out liquid products worth a total of £143 million a year at airports.

More than half (51%) of those who have travelled on a plane in the last 12 months said they had discarded bottles of liquid at airport security before boarding their flight.

Travel company sunshine, which carried out the poll, said passengers threw away an average of £6.50 worth of items each.

The discarded products included drinks, sun cream, perfume and hair products.

The findings suggest that packing should be planned in advance, alongside other preparations such as booking airport transfers, to save time and money at the airport.

But despite the cost and an apparent lack of knowledge about security restrictions on hand luggage, the poll found that there is a great deal of support for the measures.

Some 81% of respondents said they were glad the rules were in place.

Chris Brown, co-founder of Sunshine, said: “I was surprised to find that so many people had to get rid of liquid-based items before getting on flights in the past year.

“The new restrictions mean you really need to be careful when packing. Don’t put any toiletries over 100ml in your hand luggage, because it’ll just have to be binned before you go through security.”

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