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Greece and Turkey hit by cold snap
Jake Richards | January 23, 2012 | 11:37 am | Uncategorized | Only Pings

If you like the idea of visiting Greece and Turkey but find yourself swerving them in summer because of the temperature, why not opt for a winter break in one of the destinations instead?

The call comes after strong winds brought temperatures crashing down in both the south-east Europe countries recently.

Temperatures in parts of Greece fell to as low as -21C on Tuesday and Wednesday, suggesting that while you should arrange airport transfers for flights to the country, you can forget about the sun cream for now. Florina, which sits in a part of northern Greece known for its rugged terrain, saw mercury plummet sharply.

The Aegean island of Limnos throngs with tourists in the July and August period, however on Monday its sandy beaches were covered with a dusting of snow. People on city breaks in Istanbul also saw snowfall.

On the other hand, if you’re a sun-seeker there are still plenty of options available. South Africa is currently midway through its summer and temperatures are soaring.

For instance, people enjoying winter sun breaks in Vredendal in the Western Cape saw temperatures soar to a high of 45.4C. It was nearly as hot on the coast too, with 39C recorded at Table Bay in Cape Town.

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Men ‘prioritise weather for holidays’
David McAughtrie | November 2, 2011 | 10:43 am | Summer holidays | Only Pings

Men are more interested in having good weather than being surrounded by lots of women when choosing their holiday destinations, according to a survey.

Travel agent Sunshine found that 57% of men leaving large airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted will be heading to destinations mainly for the weather.

Meanwhile just under a quarter (23%) will be going somewhere mainly based on the likelihood of there being beautiful women on the beaches.

Around 12% said sporting events were a main concern for where they booked their breaks. Football and rugby proved to be the most popular sports to watch on holiday, probably boosted by recent world cups abroad in both sports, while cricket, tennis and athletics were also cited.

Results show that nightlife is a popular secondary concern, as 49% of the men who named multiple factors said the club scene was important to them.

Sunshine co-founder Chris Brown said: “Whereas women are potentially more concerned about the shopping opportunities that a holiday destination offers, it seems men have other ideas.

“The weather was a high influencing factor for many, but then things like nightlife and sporting events crept in too.”

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